About Us

Trade focus was founded by Mr Manoj Shastri with an aim of educating people in Financial Markets. Mr Manoj Shastri completed his Engineering in 1994. He joined various organizations but his passion for the financial market leads him to do a lot of research and implementation of various investment strategies, which were very successful. It gave good profit in short time frame.

His studies involves implementation of various trading and risk management techniques based on the theories and experiences of legendary trader Mr Robert Miner (Author of the books - Dynamic Trading & High Probability Trading Strategies) and Fibonacci queen Carolyn Boroden (Author of Book- Fibonacci Trading). These strategies and techniques have been very successfully implemented on various asset classes like capital markets, forex and commodities. It has resulted in fantastic gains.

Manoj has been active in the market for over a decade. He was an active trader from 2006. Manoj believes that the interpreting and understanding charts correctly can help one to know the movement of the market before and it can be done without the use of indicators & Oscillators. His mantra to profitable trading is disciplined and a methodical approach. His unique approach to trading can knowing the entry and exit points well in advance.

His guidance on Money management and assessment of risk protected by realistic stops will keep trader out of trouble and on big moves he will profit.

Manoj’s article is regularly published on weekly basis in leading newspaper and magazines to help the common investors. Manoj is a visionary and wants to spread knowledge of Wealth Creation, make people achieve their Dreams and Goals without losing their way in the Markets. Manoj also believes within sound body likes a sound mind and he likes to keep fit by swimming, trekking and exercises regularly.